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Stung into Submission

TRIGGER WARNING, manipulation, sexual abuse

Inspired by the women who post in the survivor groups I belong to, their stories resonate with me ❤️

You like to play the victim, don’t you? 

Well, I didn’t grab you that hard.

My God, all this whining is annoying,

Stop acting like such a retard. 

Your head needs screwing on, babe,

I’m telling you that didn’t hurt.

I was just having a little bit of fun,

I’m not always trying to get up your skirt.

This is what my life has come to,

Boring, no fun and no sex.

Can’t play around with my girlfriend

Who knows what she’ll accuse me of next?

Alright how about this then,

I won’t touch you anymore.

No hug, no kiss, no hand.

That’s what you’re asking for.

I don’t want to touch you anyway

There’s plenty more fish in the sea

Perhaps I’ll text your best mate

She’s always looking at me. 

Nah, babe, you really hurt my feelings

I don’t know how to recover from that.

We’ll have to see if I can forgive you

For a start, you can sit in my lap.

© Emma Stead

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