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In response to The Daily Three Things challenge. Silence, Quieten, Sedate.

Reality collapses in. Thoughts that are not my own start tumbling across the surface of my mind like debris lashing around in a tornado. I reach for him.

He is the silence amongst the storm, he is the calm when the noise becomes unbearable. He is my greatest friend.

I am thankful for his ferocity, for the way he unbendingly views the world, he keeps me narrow when my perception starts to collapse. He has helped me to see that I am worthy, that I don’t have to quieten my own wants and needs for the benefit of others.

He shows me he loves me in ways that I never knew were important. He thinks of me, he considers me. He doesn’t need to say it, although he does. It is clear in every message, every gesture and every smile. Being loved this way helps to sedate the trauma, the anxiety, and those thoughts that don’t belong to me.

He gave me the greatest gift any human can give to another. He taught me how to find my inner strength. He taught me to stand up for myself, to value myself. He didn’t save me, he taught me how to save myself.

© Emma Stead


6 responses to “Him”

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