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Trying Not To Get Chair Shaped #1

Dear followers,

As you may, or may not know I have recently decided to give up my day job and focus all of my energy on my own business, a business that leapt up and tackled me out of nowhere I might add.

It’s going very well, in case you were wondering.

There is only one downside that I have thus far encountered, in my day job I would regularly be hitting 10-20,000 steps per day. For my business now, I am simply sitting at my desk at home doing zero steps and eating all the snacks.

I am in danger of getting chair shaped.

If I were to be brutally honest with myself, I’m already on that path. I am content in a long term relationship which really breeds complacency when it comes to fitness, eating, and looking good.

The other side of that is that my partner and I don’t eat the normal amount of food. We actually eat an abnormal amount of food because his metabolism apparently runs at the speed of light. I do not have that luxury, but for some reason I try to keep up with his eating when he’s off work. It’s not a competition, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to embrace my new lifestyle working from home, I’ve decided that means I need to take up some form of exercise. I’ll start with walking. We have the good fortune of having just moved to an area with a huge green space adjacent so I’ll start there. Everything else has changed for the better, why not embrace fitness and health now too?

I shall purchase some work-out appropriate clothing and try my very best not to flock to Starbucks instead of the gym, but I make no promises.

All in the name of trying not to become shaped like the chair I sit in every day.

Wish me luck!

© Emma Stead

42 responses to “Trying Not To Get Chair Shaped #1”

  1. It’s neat that you recently moved next to a big green area. I know you’ll enjoy strolling through the outdoors and listening to the birds and stuff. Those kind of walks are great for encouraging creative thoughts!

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  2. Good luck! I recently discovered some group fitness classes at my gym and I have so enjoyed going. I used to go (haphazardly) twice a week but now I am going 4 or 5 times a week and getting a better workout. The teacher helps me with form, and doing the workout to music is inspiring. I am making friends and we encourage each other to show up. I feel sooooo much better. So good luck to you as you incorporate exercise into your schedule. And good luck with your business.

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  3. I have a set of hypocrite’s chairs & tables that I carry out to the side of a road with my pet cow. I cheer on people who are running and scold them if they stop at one of my tables that is covered with pizzas, cake, brioche, and cheese. I milk the cow while I tell cheesy stories. After I’ve eaten a side of beef as a snack, I walk slowly over to the next chair to sneer at the runners. I sell exercise books shaped like boomerangs but I don’t like ever lifting them because they’re too heavy. Some runners pile them up to make steps or throw them at mountain lions to chase them away. I’ve noticed lately that the runners seem to run faster past my chairs & tables. I think I’m helping them make faster times.

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  4. Mornings are best for getting outside and into nature. That’s what I do anyway and then I’m okay to sit for awhile and then go out again at lunch and do some more walking or get busy with chores for awhile. The struggle is real with food close by.

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      • I was the same. It nearly drove me nuts, because the more you eat the more you want and I was using food as a down moment or rest stop during the world day or, as a writer you would know the feeling, when I needed to “chew” over something. Pens have fewer calories 😂😂


  5. Oh, my! I’m a person with disability and I’m mostly in my working chair (when I’m working) and in my bed (when I’m not). Will I also get chair shaped?

    Thanks for this reminder, Emma! 😊 And congratulations on your business! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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