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Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #4

Today, I decided to try some alternate exercise.

I went on the trampoline with the children. Very nearly wet myself.

I’m three children deep, you’d think I’d know a thing or two about incontinence by now, but my pelvic floor seemed to survive thus far.

Perhaps it was turning thirty-one that did it.

Either way, trampolining won’t be going down in my repertoire of fitness activities, that’s for sure.

© Emma Stead


9 responses to “Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #4”

  1. 😊😊😊😉. At least you are making efforts not to be chair shaped, I am back to square one. It’s the effort that counts for which I appreciate you and wish you good luck. Keep trying and never give up.

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  2. I hope the cause of the urge was laughing. (I’ve been down this track and a physio gave me some effective exercises). Anyway, it’s great fun on the tramp. I’m assuming your kids are small/ish and might love ‘Crack the egg’, a game I ‘invented’ where the kids curl up tight and you bounce around them (no need to fly into the air) and the first to unfurl becomes the bouncer. Tip: unpredictable stealth bounces work best. Laughing, laughing, laughing fun for my kids who have passed it down to the next generation.
    All the best.

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