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Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #5

I don’t believe in conventional diets, you need lasting change not something temporary that deprives you.

I still believe in eating treats even while I’m trying not to be chair shaped.

So in the interest of moderation, I want to share this win with you.

I bought a pack of three donuts last night to have while I worked. I only ate one! That’s moderation for you, having a treat at the end of the day and knowing when to stop. I’m patting myself on the back.

Now, I might have had the other two donuts for breakfast today, but let’s not focus on negativity.

© Emma Stead


25 responses to “Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #5”

  1. Hi Emma. You’re a girl after my own heart! I do exactly the same thing with cakes or biscuits and other treats. I don’t have them often, but when I do, I can control myself at first, but by the time the following day comes, I soon eat the rest. The only way I can tackle this is to not be tempted in the first place – not all that easy, I know. However, as you said, we all deserve a little treat sometimes x 🌞

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    • I went though a phase with crisps (chips is you’re American) a few years ago and the only way I could stop myself was to convince myself that they belonged to the children. I haven’t touched a multi pack of crisps since, and they are always in the house 😂 Mindset is everything, but so is treating ourselves! I probably won’t have a donut for at least a month now so it balances out, right? 😅

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      • I love your attitude, Emma. I have to say, I do love crisps and savoury snacks as much, if not more, as I do sweet treats. I don’t even buy crisps anymore as I just can’t trust myself with them. I agree that you have a good way of coping with them. Unfortunately, my children are all grown up, and my grandchildren are not often here (that is about to change, though), so I don’t have the excuse of buying them for anybody else. I like ice cream, too. My sister used to say, if you put chocolate sprinkles on it, it cancels out the calories in the ice cream! I love her attitude. 🌞

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  2. FYI – I bought some hibiscus flowers and steep in cold water for iced tea. There are some potential side effects with liver medications – increases good cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure (another consideration). It tastes good without any sugar and good for weight loss. I noticed some changes in appetite after a couple of days.

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  3. It is all about finding the right balance to a way of eating not a diet…I eat the right things 80% of the time and the 20% whatever I fancy (moderation) of course but a little of what you fancy does you good…Thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂

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  4. I don’t diet anymore, it doesn’t work. I love food and cooking so I have met a happy compromise in intermittent fasting. I put aside food for certain hours of the day and then I have whatever I want within my eating window. It’s based on Gin Stephen’s best selling book Delay don’t Deny and has been life changing. I’m losing weight effortlessly and eating to satisfaction every day. It works for me. There is also an added bonus of my body healing itself while I’m giving my digestion system a rest. I don’t get hungry and I have heaps of energy and there is no programme – I love it.

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    • How long do you have for an eating window if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve always had more success with maintaining my weight when I delay breakfast, similar to intermittent fasting. I find that starting my eating later in the day shortens the window and I have a better balance. The moment I have breakfast early it’s over for me 😂

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      • My eating window is only 2-4 hours long – I keep it short because I am completely satisfied in that time – usually within 2 hours actually and if I didn’t close the window with a bang I would snack my way to hell 😂 I did IF years ago and found it hard but that is because I was a dirty faster or I had milk in my coffee and that woke up the insulin dragon. Once the insulin dragon is awake I’m hungry all day hence breakfast no matter how healthy it was, was a slippery slope to over eating. I also have an over active thyroid which results in food cravings. I don’t have food cravings as long as I stick to my routine of eating only in the window. It sounds strict and boring but it’s the first time I’ve felt truly free – free to eat whatever I want, free from thoughts about food and free to indulge when I want. When I’m with family on holidays I extend the window or play around with it to ensure I don’t miss special occasions. Gins book is a great place to start though and I like the concept of delay don’t deny because as soon as I tell myself I can’t have something there is a doozy of an internal war going on. Instead I can have the doughnut, just save it for my window. It’s really helped with emotional eating, I had no idea how often I was promoted to eat simply because of a moment of emotional turmoil (or boredom). Sorry to rave on, IF has been really good for me and I feel like it’s the missing piece of the puzzle. As a writer and office worker I spend a lot of time on my backside, this helps with that sluggish weight gain.

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      • This is really interesting thank you! I don’t actually measure my weight because that is a slippery slope. I do know that the healthiest I have ever felt was when I had a much smaller eating window. It wasn’t as small as four hours it was probably between say 11am and 6pm. I had more energy, I felt like I looked better physically, I was much less bloated, and it allowed me to get excited about food. I enjoyed planning meals and I ate better. I haven’t got a proper routine at the moment which doesn’t help, when the kids go back to school is when I intend to really put some effort in x

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  5. Up until recently, my metabolism/weight/body shape was such that I wasn’t concerned with trying to lose weight. In recent years, I’ve been gaining weight, and for the first time in my life, find myself caring a lot more about moderating the amount of food that I eat. It is not an enjoyable experience.

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    • You have voiced exactly how I feel! Even during the cycle of having three children I always managed to remain at a comfortable weight and feel happy with how I looked. Maybe my thirties are doing it to me, but I am all out of shape this year, bumpy in new places, and not entirely sure what to do about it.


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