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What Are You Reading?

As a way of honouring my fellow writers I recently decided to seek my reading material from my following. I received absolutely hundreds of messages on twitter last week when I began this idea. I can’t read them all but if you pop your links to your ebooks in the comments I can pick one at random to buy and read each week.

Consider it free promotion too, because I’ll pop my feedback on my blog and perhaps it might inspire others to buy your book too! Please do check out each others links if you see something that you like the look of. Let’s all support each other in the writing community.

This week I am reading Mortal Angel by Daz James.

I haven’t finished reading it yet but I am absolutely loving how authentically British this book is while at the same time it incorporates this amazing fantasy world.

Daz dives straight into the story, the action is fast paced but easy to follow. You very quickly pick up on all the things you need to know about the Tribal Knights, and you are immersed from the first word.

I must admit, at first I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with how quickly all these characters are introduced, but each one is expertly written and lovingly crafted with depth and their own motivations. You can really empathise with all of them, each character is well rounded and whole. The author has a true skill for character building!

Great book, Daz! I can’t wait to finish it this weekend.

You can buy it and read it here 👇

Don’t forget to add your own links in the comments ⭐️

What are you currently reading?


11 responses to “What Are You Reading?”

  1. Wow, thank you so so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my book, thank you so much for the praise and I’m glad you like my characters so much. I’m currently writing the sequel continuing Mickey and The Knight’s adventures plus some new faces. Again I thank you for taking a chance on my debut book, you’ve made my week!

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  2. This sounds like an excellent book. I haven’t written any books for a long time, although I did publish two on Amazon back around 2012. However, they were published under a pseudonym and aren’t who I am these days. I’ve decided not to add a link here for that reason, although thank you for the offer of this opportunity.

    As far as what I’m currently reading, the book is called ‘The Island of Missing Trees’ by Elif Shafak. It’s an excellent book. I can’t usually read fiction at all, but this book has gripped me, although it’s such a simple story – no crime, horror, suspense etc. (I’m not great with that anyway). X 🌞


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