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Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #6

It is almost time to get serious.

I promised myself that when the kids go back to school I am going to do the walking thing, maybe even the running thing. Definitely some kind of exercise thing.

That gives me two weeks to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for that.

Today, I decided to have a little browse online at some sporty outfits. Leggings and tops, nothing fancy. I probably need some trainers too.

Oh, the selection! It’s very overwhelming, isn’t it? All the different materials, all the different styles, all the different shapes!

I wish the description would be honest when shopping online, not just for workout clothes but for everything. I’d greatly appreciate a little note on each description that reads – not great if you’re trying to hide a tummy, or this is going to give you three sets of hips.

Or swing it into the positive, maybe the description reads – perfect for hiding a mum-tum, or makes your boobs look fantastic .

Anyway, I put about six different things in my basket on two different websites. Then closed my tabs, sat in my chair, and had a biscuit.

I’m not ready yet.

7 responses to “Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #6”

  1. I love this post, Emma. You are a woman after my own heart. I’m definitely chair-shaped, mostly armchair-shaped, nothing supportive such as a kitchen or dining chair! I know my posture is poor, and I do very little to improve it! I’ll regret it as I get older, but I’ve no willpower. However, I like my armchair – it offers warmth and comfort, and that’s how it’s likely to stay. I so love the idea that clothes should come with an accurate and genuine description. Mine would say ‘hides a multitude of sins and makes you look like you’ve got a new body’! I particularly like your last couple of sentences. I’m not ready to change yet, either. Not sure I’ll ever be! X 🌞

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    • I wonder if being chair shaped is even a bad thing? Chairs are comfortable, supportive. Soft, but firm where it matters. They offer security, comfort, and a place to rest. Perhaps being chair shaped is something we should be proud of ❤️ xx

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