Your Wednesday Writing Prompt! 14/09/22

Welcome back to my weekly hosting of writing prompts! Each week I post a title and it’s completely up to you how you progress from there. Let creativity be your guide! Write a poem, short story, some flash fiction, a novel if you must. Share it in the comments below with a link back to your blog so that we can all read and grow as a community!

There’s no time limit, so do take your time and check back during the week to see what other people have come up with. I’ll post a link to my own contribution, too.

This week your title is…

“Tapping at The Window”

Happy Writing!

11 responses to “Your Wednesday Writing Prompt! 14/09/22”

  1. Hey Emma. Thank you so much for following. Love this!

    Tapping at the window

    Miles tapped his paw on the window
    He purred annoyingly
    One day the window would open
    And he would capture the mouse inside the kitchen

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  2. “l’ll dream about this tonight and tell you what comes of it in the morning,” said Bill.
    “I’ve just had a doorbell installed so when you arrive, try it out,” said Judy.
    “Brilliant,” said Bill. “Much better than tapping on the window.”
    Judy smiled.

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