Writing Tips From An Editor #4


The Equipment that you use for your writing does so many things for you behind the scenes that you don’t even realise. It’s such a basic requirement for writing but it is so significant to the amount of work that you are actually going to be able to produce.

What do I mean by equipment?

Well, how do you prefer to write? Pen and paper? Keyboard and screen? Quill and parchment?

Yes, preference matters.

What works for me and makes me a more efficient writer won’t necessarily work for you. If you are familiar with Windows, you are efficient and comfortable there then why would you move over to a MacBook just because that’s what I use?

The same is true of the kind of notebook that you use. I have owned so many beautiful notebooks. They were so beautiful, in fact, that I could not bring myself to write in them. My rough scribbling is not worthy of those pages. I am much more comfortable with a cheap and cheerful, basic lined A4 pad that I can scribble in, cross things out, and highlight.

Find what works for you.

If you love a beautiful notebook because it inspires you or makes you feel good, then buy the beautiful notebook. The space that you write in is unique and personal to you.

Tailor your writing tools to your own preferences, and tailor them efficiently. If you work online a lot then you are going to need a computer that can handle it. If you prefer to write longhand with a fountain pen in a leatherbound notebook, then do it.

Be the writer that you are, not the writer that someone else tells you you should be.

I hope this has been helpful. I’m trying to post tip every now and then. I want to see every writer bringing their best self forward. Let’s create a world where we empower each other.

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You can also email me at emma@writing-things.com

I am currently accepting submissions for Editing and Ghostwriting services.

I look forward to getting to know you, talking about your work, and showing you how I can help.

2 responses to “Writing Tips From An Editor #4”

  1. Your advice makes good sense, Emma. But how to say this without appearing to be overly parsimonious? The tear-out tops off tissue boxes have some fun Haiku and Senryū written on them. But mainly the phone is my tool of choice for tapping out a dozen words. Not for everyone, which is the point.

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    • Love this, I completely forgot to mention the phone! We all have notes and audio recording apps which is fab for note taking too, as well as using them for writing. I also have my Google docs and word app on my phone so I can go directly to my projects on the go if need be, although it’s definitely easier to do on my laptop.

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