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Tapping at The Window – writing prompt

There aren’t many of us anymore. At least, not out in the open.

I’m lucky because of my wife, she works in the high council. It means I’m untouchable, in theory.

I can live a life of relative freedom, for a man. I’m allowed to tend my own garden, read books, and educate my children; all girls so far, unfortunately.

There are still rules, however. I can’t leave the house, not ever. The streets are a dangerous place for men now. We aren’t even safe in our own homes as the male population shrinks further and further.

My wife told me a story recently of her partner at the council, whose husband was snatched during the day while she was out. The household staff did all they could to defend him, but the women came with guns. My wife’s partner has to start building a whole new household now. If she’s lucky, they might find her a new husband when they catch the scent of the next black market trader.

Terrifying thought, being sold on the black market. They don’t take care of you there like a wife does. Instead, they loan you out and charge extortionate fees to lay with you.

It makes me shudder to think. Having sex with my wife is tenacious and unpleasant enough, I couldn’t imagine being forced to do so multiple times a day with lots of different women.

They all want to get pregnant, you see. Any woman proven to be carrying a male foetus is automatically granted citizenship and welcomed into society, they get given a house and if they are lucky they will get a husband, too.

I am lucky enough to have never experienced life outside of these walls, my mother came here from the outlands, pregnant with me. I was raised by her household staff, she was never lucky enough to have a husband of her own, they were just so short in supply back then.

When I was old enough, I was gifted as a groom to a high councillor, my now wife. She’s taken care of me since.

I do wonder if she might treat me kinder if I can just give her a male pregnancy. She might let me raise the children in relative peace after that, having done her Godly duty for the continuation of the species. It would be nice not to feel so trapped by her all the time.

The writing prompt that I used for inspiration can be found below. Do join in and link your own work in the comments. I love to read and connect with the writing community ❤️

9 responses to “Tapping at The Window – writing prompt”

  1. Emma, I tried sending you some material twice and each time it came back to me as Failed To Send and Spam Detected. Is anything different with your email?


  2. I loved this piece and found it so appealing, Emma. Very futuristic, although I guess there could be a community in this world living like this that we don’t know about. Who knows!? When I read the third paragraph, “I can live a life of relative freedom, for a man, I’m allowed to tend my own garden …” I was really hooked. I really enjoyed this. Thanks … Ellie X 🦢💕

    Liked by 1 person

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