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Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #8

I’ve fallen off the wagon in a big way. In the last two days I’ve eaten more donuts than I have in the previous month.

I don’t know if I’m ashamed or impressed with myself.

It doesn’t help that it’s been that time of the month. Sugar cravings are insane, it goes hand in hand with the depleted energy levels and feeling like an absolute swamp monster.

Being a woman is not always glamorous.

It’s important when these episodes of extreme donut consumption occur not to beat yourself up about it.

Life is hard, you’re exhausted, so eat the damn donuts.

Chances are next week you won’t be able to even look at another one without feeling sick. I’m all for eating well and making sensible food decisions, and sometimes that means eating the thing you’re craving.

Maybe don’t eat a whole pack of five, though. I do regret that decision.


11 responses to “Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #8”

  1. Have we all done it? Probably. No. 2 son confessed to buying half dozen Crispy Cremes. Well, the confession was actually about eating them. I hate that brand, but, had they been damson-plum-jam-filled from the old Polish bakery…

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  2. We do love custard doughnuts… but he’d diabetic and I’m trying not to put on more weight. And why can’t supermarkets sell them individually? I’m old enough to remember when they used to. I’d pay more (comparatively) for two rather than take home a bag of five that must be eaten today. (They’re never so yummy next day.)
    I came home with a tub of candy floss yesterday. It’s mostly air – 200 calories per tub and I can make it last several days just picking.

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  3. I love this series of posts, Emma. I can totally identify with craving foods like doughnuts and cakes. I have a confession, too. I was feeling very fed up and down last week, and while out shopping, I spied some cinnamon buns. Naturally, I bought them, meaning to eke them out over the next couple of days. Did I?? Nope – they all seemed to disappear in one day. I did feel guilty about it but then decided that life’s too short to worry about the occasional extra bun (or two, three or four!). Thanks for sharing your confession – it helped me share mine 😊 Xx 💕

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  4. Haha. Love this. Same issue here but not with donuts. For me it was an impulse bag of peanut butter cups this week. I’ve been overworking and I use them when I’d get home, to quickly reward myself without having to prepare something nutritious when I was exhausted. Not proud of it but not not-proud either. I do know that it’s a signal I’ve gotta get back to a bit of real self-care. Anyway, sweet post. :))


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