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What Are You Reading?

As a way of honouring my fellow writers, I decided to seek my reading material from my following. I can’t read them all, but if you pop your links to your ebooks in the comments I can pick one at random to buy and read.

Consider it free promotion, too, because I’ll do a separate post reviewing your book on my blog when I’m done.

Please do check out each others’ links if you see something that you like the look if. Let’s all support each other in the writing community!

This week I am reading Hunter’s Fated Wait, Pine Lodge Pack Shifter Series Book 1 by W A Edwards.

This book is right up my alley, I must admit. I love everything that involves werewolves, romance, and the supernatural in general. This does not disappoint.

The chapters alternate between the two main characters perspectives, it is really cleverly done. I enjoyed the build up to the romance. I particularly love how quickly the book begins, you are just thrust immediately into the story, you get layers of information as you progress and very quickly you are acquainted with the world that Edwards has built.

It’s a great, clean take on a shifter romance, I 1000% recommend this one!

You can buy it here…

Tell me, what are you reading this week?


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