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My Week In Writing

What a week!

I’ve had some interest from more potential clients this week, my diary is starting to look a little full so do get on my calendar soon if you are considering it.

I returned a draft of a manuscript to an author today, there was more work to be done on that from a structural perspective, the flow just wasn’t right. Hopefully now, with some pointers from me, they can get that shaped up and back to me for a final read before heading off to publish it. Very exciting stuff.

I’ve been working with three other clients this week all at various stages of their book journey. all three of those are at a point now where I can almost see the finished book, they are taking shape and coming along right on schedule.

As for personal writing, I have been finding half hour here and there to edit that old manuscript I mentioned last time. It’s like discovering an old outfit you used to love, I’m enjoying putting it on and dressing it up. Maybe I’ll even finish it this time!

Tell me about your week in writing? Have you had an achievements this week, overcome any obstacles? Maybe you’re stuck and you need a nudge? Comment below!

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7 responses to “My Week In Writing”

  1. This week I reached the conclusion that I should refresh my memory of the guidelines for writing Senryū (because I do take liberties with the form). But at the same time as I reached that conclusion, I also concluded that I had written what I reckon to be a little rippa of a Senryū (on the search for meaning).
    The germ of an idea came to me from reading a post at ‘Lonely Keyboards’ and I fleshed it out and then grafted it on to something from the Ideas/ Leftovers file! With a few iterations of the three requisite lines, plus a final edit, the job was done.
    (How can I write so much about the composition of just 12 words?)
    Anyway, the best of the spare iterations ended up in the Leftovers file, a practice that I adopted immediately after reading your writing tip on the Graveyard file.
    Thanks Emma. You are a gem.
    Kind regards

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  2. This week, before I go to work, I have been writing some more of my novel ”In The Dark”. I am twenty thousand words in, but it is nowhere near to be edited. I just want to get the whole thing finished first. I work on my blog after work, and this seems to work for me.

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    • That sounds like a great routine for your writing. Twenty thousand words is a great milestone, too, well done! You have the right mindset, so many people try to edit too soon, get the whole story out first in it’s raw form because that’s the biggest hurdle.

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  3. Hey, Emma. How kind of you to ask how your readers are getting along with their writing this week. I’m still trying to fathom KDP, as you suggested. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I might take you up on your offer and request your assistance with this. I’m not sure whether to simply include my writing/poems that I’ve written so far or whether to wait until I’ve finished writing (of course, there won’t be a time when I finish writing as it’s an ongoing project). Perhaps, I’ll have to publish one book with my work until now, and then maybe, a second book at a much later date. I’m not sure exactly what genre my poems would fall under, either. Having read my recent poems, do you have any ideas about what category they would fall under, please? I think, broadly, it would be mental health-related or simply on the topic of abuse. Thanks again, Emma Xx 😘.


  4. ” I have been finding half hour here and there to edit that old manuscript I mentioned last time. It’s like discovering an old outfit you used to love, I’m enjoying putting it on and dressing it up.”—Love this illustration (smile).


  5. Great stuff Emma. It looks like your week in writing was pretty hectic hey but I usually say the more workload the better we become. I have to email you , I have a proposal regarding a fashion book I want to start writing. Great post👑🔥🔥

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