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My Week In Writing

Hi happy followers!

I haven’t been posting at all lately, I have been working hard on client’s books and getting them finished up. It hasn’t left a great deal of time for my personal blog, which is a shame. I’m here now!

So – writing!

I have eight clients on my to-do list right now, two of which are simply manuscript reviews. Of those two, one is completely finished now. I’ve made three passes over the manuscript which includes proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing. I also formatted the book ready for publishing. The other manuscript wasn’t ready for a final read, I gave it two passes and returned it to the author with extensive feedback, there was far too much developmental editing needed for me to undertake. The author needs to do some re-writing and clarifying before I can give it my final touch. The next time it comes back to me it should be ready for that final read. Exciting stuff!

My other six clients are all works-in-progress. These are my ghostwriting clients; we’re writing their books together. Three of those are currently under author review, when I get that feedback I can make the necessary edits before the final read. The other three are still in the writing process.

I have had ZERO time for my own writing, I’m not mad about that because I am so obsessed with my job, I adore what I do in helping others to bring their books to fruition.

Saying that, I saw mention of NaNoWriMo earlier today. Is anyone here taking part next month? I’ve always had a reason not to do it, more so this year with being so busy with work but I’m still tempted. I’ve always been tempted to try this, I know I can write fast when inspired.

In case you don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. Beginning November 1st, the challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Obviously this is just going to be a rough first draft, I don’t think you’re expected to spit out a masterpiece in a month! After November you can then spend time refining it and getting it ready to submit or self-publish, or just to keep to yourself as a private little gem if you prefer.

It works out to writing about three pages a day, or 1666 words per day.

I’d love to hear everyone’s experiences, tips and tricks, or if you’re hoping to attempt it next month! I’m undecided. It’s a huge commitment of time on top of working and being a full-time single mum to three chaotic human beings.

But then, when is there a ‘right time’ for anything?


16 responses to “My Week In Writing”

  1. Hi Emma,
    It must get very busy with several ghost writing projects on the go with other work. But that ghosting work must be very interesting at times.
    Re, novel in a month, I wonder if there are parallels with tech writing beyond the obvious chapter and section planning. Is there, say, a parallel with data gathering, analysis and organisation/ information flow when it comes to fiction writing? No need to answer that – you are too busy. But for me breaking it down into do-able chunks and having material to work on always worked.
    Kind regards,
    David Don

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    • It can get extremely busy, hence the not posting on here for a while. There are ebs and flows within the ghostwriting projects as it moves from me, to the author, and back again.
      I do think attempting the novel in a month would take some planning before hand. I think I would probably try and at least have a chapter plan in place before November 1st if I were to attempt it for the organisation/information flow.

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  2. I’m praying it does. I’ve never had a meeting with an editorial committed before. So that’s exciting and something I’m looking forward to.
    I am happy to hear that I inspire someone 😊

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  3. You certainly have been and still are busy, Emma. What a lot of time that all must take up. I admire your dedication and am glad to know you enjoy your work. Plus, you have three children to care for, too, so you really do have your work cut out. As far as the novel writing month is concerned, I’m going to give it a miss as I’m pretty hopeless at writing fiction, although that’s something I’m trying to work on. I doubt I would have the time to keep up with that amount of writing, either. I wish you luck with your novel next month.

    I still haven’t got around to getting my poems and writing together for self-publishing. I still haven’t fathomed out Kindle publishing. I did find an alternative publisher specialising in mental health issues, but they charge the grand sum of £1,500 to do everything – well out of my price range, unfortunately. I probably have enough material for a book now, although I’m continuing to write more – perhaps, one day, there will be a second book, if I ever get the first one printed, that is! Xx 🌞💛

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