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Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #9

A very upsetting story saved me from my donut cravings this week.

I found myself sitting outside a local coffee shop in the peaceful autumn sun, one hand wrapped around my hot drink, feeling quite content and contemplating a fresh pastry of some kind from the shop.

A lady emerged from the door of the shop whose sweet treats I was fantasising about. She politely asked if she could use the table to sort out her bags and, of course, it was no trouble to me.

“Sorry,” she said in a fluster. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

I raised my brows questioningly, “Oh?”

“I have just had the worst luck with food these last two days!”

That was it, she was off. My polite interest had triggered a rant that had clearly been brewing in the poor woman. Strangely, it’s the kind of thing that happens to me a lot, I must have an approachable aura which is interesting considering how inept I feel at human interaction some days!

Anyway, this lady was ranting.

“Now, after this,” she threw a disgusted look back at the shop behind her. “I don’t know if I’ll ever eat again.”

Oh, no, I thought. Not the cake shop. Are they stale? Out of inventory? Something else? My casual fancy for a sweet treat was about to be stomped on, I realised. I just didn’t realise quite how awful her story was going to be. If only she was cross about a stale donut…

“What happened?” I asked.

“Last night I was late home from work and ordered a burger, forty-five minutes later my order arrived without the burger. I called the shop, they apologised, they didn’t have any burgers left. What kind of burger shop doesn’t have burgers left?!”

I had to agree, surely they should have just cancelled her order. She could have ordered something else instead of waiting forty-five minutes for a handful of chips to arrive.

“Now today!” She exclaimed with a face twisted in disgust. “I ordered a Mac and cheese, I always order that here. I’m eating it, I’m eating it. I bite down on something hard. I spit it out. It’s a tooth. It’s not my tooth.”

Somebody else’s tooth was in her meal.

Then it was in her mouth.

Safe to say, I did not go inside and purchase any food from that establishment.

Diet saved by the tooth.


11 responses to “Trying Not To Be Chair Shaped #9”

  1. Eew – how ghastly for the poor woman. I can’t help but wonder how the tooth got into the mac and cheese! Perhaps, it was the chef’s tooth that had fallen into the dish while he was ‘sampling’ his recipe! Doesn’t bear thinking about. What a shame you missed out on your cake, though. Xx

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    • I wish it was a made up story, for that poor woman’s sake. I ended my post prematurely for effect, she then went on to tell me how the staff were equally appalled, there was paperwork, commiseration, and compensation. It’s an establishment that doesn’t prepare food onsite, just pops it in the oven or microwave I would imagine. The tooth mystery will remain just that. We can only guess how it came to be there.

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