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My Week In Writing

What a week!

This week I’ve committed extra hours at the desk to catch up on my workload. I missed out on a couple of days last week because my three-year-old was sick. Then I got sick which slowed me down, too.

All better now!

This week I’ve spent time updating a manuscript for a ghostwriting client, returned a manuscript review and I’m about ten pages off finishing another one.

I haven’t had much time for personal writing in all this, but my mind has been plodding along in the background and I’ve made some notes on my phone to remind me of those thoughts when I get a chance to sit back at my own projects.

I’ve been feeling that creative tingle telling me it’s time to get my own work up on the screen again soon, it’s not a burning urgency yet but I do enjoy knowing there’s a story waiting to come out.

What are you all writing this week? Any NaNoWriMo participants want to share an update with how you are getting on?


7 responses to “My Week In Writing”

  1. Hey Emma. I’m planning to write a Christmas romcon novella. My goal is to get it written and published on kindle before Christmas. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again for helping me. Appreciate your support friend 🙂

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