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Your Wednesday Writing Prompt 24/01/23

Welcome back to my weekly hosting of writing prompts!

Each week I post a title and it’s completely up to you how you progress from there. Let creativity be your guide! You could write a poem, short story, flash fiction, or a novel.

Share your work in the comments below with a link back to your blog so we can all share and grow as a community!

There’s no time limit, so do take your time, and check back during the week to see what other people have come up with.

This week your title is…

“His Worst Discomfort”

Happy Writing!


One response to “Your Wednesday Writing Prompt 24/01/23”

  1. His Worst Discomfort

    tyre pops with gusto
    digests some castaway junk
    forty degrees for a change

    (I had to change a tyre today for the first time in over thirty years. It might not have been my worst discomfort (which would be to be caught out lying) and not quite forty degrees celsius, but it was no fun to discover my age in kilopascals via the accurate tyre-change-method on a hot day. Left feeling flat and $200 lighter).

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