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Mental Health Monday

It’s Mental Health Monday again! Boy, the weeks are already slipping past, it’s February next week!

This picture is one that caught my eye on social media this week. Depending on where you are in the world, I suspect you might be just as sick of the murky, grey sky and cold, wet air as I am.

My littlest kid goes to preschool three days a week so I can work. On those days we have to leave the house at 7.15. By we, I mean me, my seven-year-old, and the three-year-old. Getting the three of us up, dressed, fed, and packed for school is miserable on those mornings. I also have to make sure my twelve-year-old is awake and getting ready for his day before we leave.

After successfully getting the three of us out the door, we then have the walk to preschool. It’s still currently pitch black and icy at that time of morning in the UK, so it’s hats, gloves, and coats all around. The walk takes 15-20 minutes there, a 5 minute drop off, then the same journey back, minus one child. We tend to have about 30 minutes back home before we have to leave again to get my seven-year-old to school.

There’s just something about leaving the house in the morning in the dark to drop them all off, and then doing it all in reverse in the afternoon, also in the dark, that makes it that much more miserable.

I am impatiently waiting for spring. I can continue doing all the same things, but in the daylight. It makes a huge difference.

Share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments, I’d love to hear other tales like mine. I’d also love to hear from anyone who prefers the winter!


10 responses to “Mental Health Monday”

  1. I live in the Southern US and we have humidity here. Like the temp is 93°F and the humidity is the same as the temp. It’s like walking outside and have someone throw a hot wet towel over your head. Or another way to think about it is on a hot summer day, take a hot shower, don’t dry off and put on clothes you just took out of the dryer. That’s Southern US humidity.
    So, yes, I love winter. Autumn is my favorite but summer is my least favorite. Personally, I prefer it cold (like 55-59°F), rainy and dark. Lol. I should’ve been born a bat.

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