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Your Wednesday Writing Prompt 08/03/2023

Welcome back to my weekly hosting of writing prompts!

Each week, I post a title and it’s completely up to you how you progress from there. Let creativity be your guide! You could write a poem, short story, flash fiction, or even a novel.

Share your work in the comments below with a link back to your blog so we can all share and grow as a community!

There’s no time limit, so do take your time and check back during the week to see what others have come up with.

This week your title is…

“Anyway, back to us…”

Happy Writing!


4 responses to “Your Wednesday Writing Prompt 08/03/2023”

  1. Anyway, back to us

    the talk turned from poets to writers
    then from that to hard backstreet fighters
    both can move with such skill
    they keep pounding you until ~
    Ah, anyway, back to us skivers…

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