The Rabbit Hole

Writing, reading, editing, transcribing, meetings, emails, slack.

Work seems to have consumed me the last few weeks, I’ve scarcely had time to post on my blog. The children have gone back to school and after six long weeks of getting up from my desk every five minutes to get someone a snack, break up a fight, or wipe someone’s butt, I am very much enjoying the peace.

Doesn’t the time fly when you’re invested in a project?

I currently have three active projects and another that is just a basic edit and feedback, and they are all such powerful works that I find myself absolutely captivated as I am editing. I feel like I blink and it’s time to collect the children again.

I absolutely love it, I am so blessed. My job is amazing, my children are perfect, life is good.

So, here I am, posting on my blog and letting you all know I am still around. My time management should even out soon, and I’ll have some bandwidth to get back to my regular posts, and engage with all of yours!

3 responses to “The Rabbit Hole”

  1. It’s so refreshing to hear someone love on their job. No matter how amazing people’s work is so many times when asked “how is work” we go straight to the negatives. Keep enjoying the blessings of your job in shaping the future generation. Happy weekend 🌸🌸🌸

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