“You dreamed that you left your body”

Writing Prompt from http://www.writerswrite.co.za 5 June 2022

She walks with the stars at night,

uncoiled from root and bone.

The call of the moon just right, 

unbound and free, she is home.

She leaves through walls to the sky, 

loose from her earthly desires. 

Freeing passion, rising high, 

the path of the night inspires.

Soft clouds drag through her fingers, 

wet dew sparkles on her toes.

The peace of this, it lingers, 

Nature heals, it loves, it flows.

A bird in the distance swoops, 

a mouse shuffles on the ground

Around her wildlife loops, 

superior senses found.

Her essence curls round the moon, 

her passion rolls through the grass.

She knows that this will end soon, 

this freedom never does last.

As if it knows she must leave, 

the breeze halts, grazes her cheek. 

“Live, and remember to breathe,”

It purrs, “know you are not weak.”

The sky encases her tight 

and then drops her like a stone.

Returning feels like a fight, 

so heavy, real and alone.

© Emma Stead

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