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Trying Not To Get Chair Shaped #3


The fitness plan is not going well. It’s the summer holidays and the kids are home around the clock. We have been out for walks, but the two-year-old is so slow that I may as well just be stationary for all the effort I’m actually putting in.

I did buy a pineapple, though. I’m certain that’s going to slow down the chairshapedness.

I’ve spent an excessive amount of time in the chair that I’m trying not to become shaped like. I’ve also sat for long periods of time on the sofa watching films with the small people.

I do have one question… and I do realise I am a legal grown up and I should know how to do things by now…

But… um… how the f*** do you cut a pineapple up??

Here it is, the pineapple.

© Emma Stead


18 responses to “Trying Not To Get Chair Shaped #3”

  1. I can relate to it. I went for evening walks with my mom. When she went to Muscat with my brother, my big plan went down the drain. Here I am, back to square one. Well, as far as diet is concerned, Me and diet are mortal enemies. 😃😃😃😃. Unfortunately, I don’t have idea how to cut the pineapple. 😂😂😂😂

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  2. 😂 I love your writing style. It just cut me up, maybe I’m pineapple shaped. I can relate. Tip: avoid the prickles, they leave a horrifically burning aftertaste! ;))

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